Agulhas Wine Triangle

The Agulhas area’s harmony with nature is reflected in the rich biodiversity of flourishing flora, abundant birdlife, protected wetlands and great white sharks roaming the ocean. The region is raw and honest. Within the windswept plains, there is resilience and serenity. The people from Agulhas and the surrounding areas have made a choice to be there; they are the custodians of both nature and agriculture. 

The wind sweeps in from across the ocean and cools down the region. The maritime climate and cool ocean winds result in lower yields and gradual ripening of the grapes which means that the wines from the AWT show a very distinctive common theme of elegance, with concentrated flavour and depth.

The Agulhas Wine Triangle (AWT) was established in 2019 as a non-profit company to showcase the wines, tourism and natural beauty of the Agulhas area. The AWT members represent the region’s favourite wineries: Black Oystercatcher Wines, Ghost Corner, Land’s End, Lost Boy, Strandveld Vineyards, The Giant Periwinkle, Zoetendal Vineyards and Trizanne Signature Wines from the Elim wine ward; Sijnn Wines from Malgas; Olivedale Private Vineyards from Swellendam; Lomond from Cape Agulhas; The Berrio, The Drift Estate, Skipskop Wines, and Fortes Family Wines from Napier.

Black Oystercatcher 4

The Agulhas Wine Triangle was established by a group of pioneering winemakers to showcase the wines of this wild and rugged region to the world.

AWT Festival

The Agulhas Wine Triangle members are custodians of this special place. Please join us in exploring our region and wines.

“Climate change has made the Cape’s cool regions more important than ever. I’m very excited about what’s happening in the Agulhas Wine Triangle.”


A quest for adventure awaits

The southernmost vineyards on the African continent, ancient soils, extreme winds, a raw landscape, custodians of nature, terroir-driven wine, a quest for adventure.