Agulhas Wine Triangle


The Agulhas Wine Triangle was established in 2019 by a group of pioneering winemakers so that they can showcase the wines of this wild and rugged region to the world. We are custodians of this special place. Please join us in exploring our region and wines.

Pioneers to establish vineyards in the Elim Wine Ward and named the after the rare Black Oystercatcher birds, which, like the grapes, thrive along the coastline around the cool tip of Africa.

The extreme and mysterious landscape at the southernmost tip of Africa has been the inspiration for the Ghost Corner wines.

Known as the oldest brand from the AWT, Land’s End’s Cape Agulhas grapes are sourced from the southernmost tip of the African continent where the Atlantic and Indian oceans meet.

Lomond is situated on The Agulhas Plain near the southernmost tip of Africa at Cape Agulhas, eight km from the fishing village of Gansbaai and within sight of the sea.
Introducing a range of alternative, superior wines that reveal the mysteries of nature and perform a celebratory dance for the senses. The magic of a wine range that can hold its own against the best brands in the world – in taste, texture, aroma and colour.

A beautiful pioneering wine estate in the middle of nowhere at the end of a long, dusty, bumpy road at the Southern tip of Africa. Located in Malgas, it was the first growth appellation in the entire region.

A tribute to a now-deserted coastal settlement named after the once visible bow of Maid of the Thames, a British sailing vessel grounded inshore on 1st January 1848. Skipskop Wines produces memorable wines made with love and tradition.

Driven by a deep passion for premium quality wines and the spirit of discovery, Strandveld Vineyards stands proudly as the southernmost winery in Africa.

The focus is beautiful in its simplicity – To craft unique, intriguing, and unusually delicious wine from a small, distinct corner of the universe. We want to make wine that is enjoyable in youth, but capable of being enjoyed for many decades to come.

Nestled against Perdekop on the outskirts of Baardskeedersbos, a stone’s throw from Elim in the South Cape wine district, sits the home of The Giant Periwinkle wines.
By sourcing and selecting vineyard parcels from Elim and pairing them with the most suitable varieties, Trizanne produces wines that embody the best of these unique and diverse regions.

The Berrio will share the taste, spirit, adventure, wonder and majesty of this intriguing corner of the Universe.

Fortes Family Wines
are a boutique South African vineyard who produce truly spectacular award-winning wines in limited quantities.

A place where provenance, terroir and good taste converge in a sublime lifestyle experience. 

Guided by nature and vinted with passion for an honest and elegant expression of the cool-climate wine region at the southernmost tip of Africa.