Agulhas Wine Triangle


Strandveld Vineyards is a beautiful, wind-swept winery located nine km from the sea. Situated between Elim and Cape Agulhas, it is the southernmost winery on the continent of Africa. ‘Strandveld’ refers to the coastal belt of land that spans the coastline around Africa’s tempestuous southernmost tip at Cape Agulhas. Lying almost 35˚ south, the Cape South Coast region is characterised by severe wind, mist and cool temperatures. This confluence of maritime climate, varying sites and soil types creates the diversity of terroir that distinguishes the wines of Strandveld Vineyards.

While some may lament the fierce winds, rolling sea mists and cool temperatures, these are the foundation for growing the grapes that make the distinctive Strandveld wines. Strandveld Vineyards’ wines are made from specially selected vines in very limited quantities, crafted from only the finest grapes which uniquely express the terroir of the Strandveld.

Our First Sighting range pays homage to the great vision that inspired Portuguese explorers to discover a sea route to the spice-rich East. First Sighting wines are delightfully quaffable and are perfect for enjoying every day. True to their coastal origins, you will find that slow ripening yields generous flavours. Decisions in the vineyards and in the cellar are all made with one idea in mind – creating versatile wines that can be enjoyed at every occasion.



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